Securing Your Client’s Information



Many businesses have been privy to the horror stories that originate from not having the right kind of IT support in place. While many have an adequate IT department in place to deal with such threats, other businesses may not have the necessary IT support they require in place.

Where Do I Start?

The world of IT can be a somewhat broad one, it can relate to engineers fixing hardware, or installing a telephone network system for your business. In this regard, it pays to have an IT solution in place that is deemed relevant to you and your business.

Spending money on solutions that aren’t tailored to your company’s specific requirements will only mean that your business is at risk, and the business is left out of pocket in the long run.

When deciding on which IT support company you should use, you should also consider what you can do as a company to help safeguard client information. Although IT support companies can do a lot to help businesses recover from serious attacks, the onus is still on the business to ensure that it has taken the necessary steps to help protect its customers’ data. These steps can include, but are not limited to:

  • Limiting employee access to customer data.
  • Ensuring all software updates are installed.
  • Ensure workstations are locked when employees are away from their desk.
  • Ensure anti-virus software is installed and is being managed to best suit your business.

There will be other factors to consider, depending on your business, but a pro-active company will know what needs to be implemented and when it needs to be implemented by.

Choosing an IT Support Company

IT has always been an integral part of many businesses, but today sees IT support becoming a more important solution to take care of in the early stages of the business, as not having the right kind of support in place could be detrimental to the business as well as its clients.

For example, Foration offers IT support with a number of packages to help safeguard a business’s personal information, and it recover should the worst case scenario occur.

Services on offer include Business Continuity. This service ensures that a business is able to continue operating thanks to it being able to recover a business’s data promptly. Foration is committed to ensuring that a business is still able to communicate with its customer base following any kind of issue, and that the server recovery is completed within the hour.

Foration will also check and maintain a company’s IT infrastructure to help minimise the risk of attack. Support can be offered to businesses between 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. and it will ensure that detailed documentation of a company’s infrastructure is prepared to help aid resolution moving forwards.

Evidently, many businesses will operate without being subjected to defective equipment and attacks from an outside source, but is it a risk worth taking?

The average cost of downtime for a business is £18,000 per year. This can of course depend on a number of factors, but the figure alone should tell you how important having the right kind of solution in place really is.

Why You Need SEO



The online world has helped a number of businesses come to the forefront thanks to ease of use and accessibility. Search engines are able to gives its visitors details regarding a plethora of different companies all offering services the visitor is looking for. But in order to be listed within the search results, the right kind of search engine optimisation needs to be carried out.

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is a practice that helps a website explain its relevance to search engines by ensuring a number of factors are taken into account. These factors can include keywords associated with the business, on-page factors such as image size and meta tags and the number of reputable links to the website from other websites.

Selecting the Right Kind of SEO

When a business considers which company they should go with in relation to SEO, it’s worth considering a number of points. It can be overly tempting to go with a freelancer who promises a lot for very little, but if it seems too good to be true, then it normally is.

Although a freelance offering SEO at a cheap price can offer a number of social network followers and backlinks, it is unlikely that these links will be worth the price of the service. Unnatural and spammy backlinks will do nothing to help propel a company within search engine results.

A business also needs to ensure it is ranking for relevant keywords. Some keywords are more competitive than others, so it can be beneficial for a business to research what keywords they are realistically able to rank for. While they may not be the exact keywords your business is looking to rank for, it does mean that a healthier stream traffic is passing through your website, which in turn can convert more customers in the long run.

Instilling SEO as Part of Your Business

Not everyone has the time to focus on SEO solely, so will often consider a company that can ensure the right kind of SEO services are instilled into a business. Grapefruit Marketing is one such company that is able to offer tailor-made solutions to help businesses move forward in the world of SEO.

More and more online users are taking to search engines to find the services and products they’re looking for, as such, a business needs to ensure that all bases are covered in relation to its website.

Grapefruit Marketing is able to adapt to each customer and cater to their specific needs. For example, a local plumber may require different SEO services to that of an online magazine, as it is likely the SEO will be more local.

Customers will also be advised as to whether there are any penalties in relation to their business website that could be stopping them from ranking with relevant search results. Grapefruit Marketing can offer honest and transparent advice as to whether any penalties can be rectified, and what will need to be done in order to achieve this.

Getting the Best Employees



When it comes to technology businesses, a great business idea can be advantageous for both the person behind the idea, and the employees that eventually come to be part of the journey. But in order to ensure that the business is able to keep to its values, the right kind of employees have to be employed.

This isn’t to say that all employees aren’t interested in driving a company forward, but some businesses don’t understand what’s entailed when it comes to employing the right kind of employees.

As each and every person is different, many will have different ideas as to what is expected of them within their role. Some may commit to the role fully, whereas others will just do enough to ensure their role is deemed as relevant. Evidently, neither person is doing anything wrong, but a company that knows what kind of person they’re looking for can save itself a lot of distress moving forward. Below are some tips that can help ensure a business is employing the right kind of person.

Use a Checklist for Interviews

Although you will be interviewing people from a number of different backgrounds, they are in line for carrying out the same duties within the role. This is why it’s important that a checklist is prepared before interviewing potential employees. A checklist will ensure that relevant questions and scenarios are put before a candidate, which in turn helps the business make a more well-informed decision in relation to its hiring.

Consider What Method Will Be Used to Hire Employees

A lot of businesses carry out recruitment in-house, which is absolutely fine for those who have a human resources department, but it could be a cumbersome and time-consuming endeavour for those dealing with it on a sole basis.

Fortunately, there are other methods a business can use to help streamline its recruitment process. For example, recruitment agencies can offer candidates for a trial period. This can help a company decide as to whether that particular employee is right for the business or not. If they are, the business can simply offer the candidate a full-time role. If they’re not, the company can simply inform the recruitment agency.

Of course, there can be drawbacks to using this method, such as a regular turnover of staff should numerous employees not work out. If this occurs, then it can be an idea to consider another recruitment agency.

Always Screen Prospective Employees

When businesses are holding interviews for a specific role, it goes without saying that covering letters and CVs detailing a wealth of experience are naturally of interest. Unfortunately, this isn’t to say that the information being put forward is correct.

While many candidates will offer experience and qualifications that are correct, some will try and pull the wool over their prospective employer’s eyes by supplying them with details that might not be correct. As many companies aren’t able to check such details, it could be the wrong person is hired for the role.

Fortunately, there are companies who can help companies obtain a CRB check and check an employee’s credentials. uCheck is one such company that can offer a DBS check (as they are now called) on prospective employees, as well as checking anything in relation to adverse credit and vehicle offences.

Getting the Basics Right

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Most business-owners can feel a little daunted when they realise they need to get their website’s SEO in order. But getting the basics right doesn’t have to be a challenge, particularly if you’re lucky enough to be able to combiine your SEo with the development of your new site from the ground up.